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Hello :) I have very low metabolism. I loose energy really fast and I gain weight easily. My brother is super skinny and can eat whatever he wants. Anyway, What's a good vitamin? I bought green tea pills but I read online it keeps you awake. So I don't want to use it.

Dear Melissa,

Thanks for connecting.  I would like to recommend the product I use personally and recommend to my clients.  I have been using Shaklee for over 20 years for myself and my family at   I would recommend the multi vitamin (Vitalea), B-complex, vital for metabolism.  Core-energy (ginseng).  We also carry green tea in a tea product not a pill.  

Metabolism is a complex issue and there usually is no easy fix.  I would like to direct you to my website to review the information and the research backing Shaklee.  

If you are interested, I would like to offer you a complementary call in which we can explore this in more depth, looking at your life style, stress level, food, exercise, etc. as a life and wellness coach.  You can drop me a line at  

Looking forward to connecting to explore if I can be of further support .  Best wishes,   Suzanne

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