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HelpYouCleanse wrote at 2014-02-04 21:05:06
It sounds to me that you have a thyroid and adrenal gland problem. This is why you have low energy and gain weight easy. I have been there. I've lost over 60 pounds in one year and I have more energy than I ever have.

I started on a 30 green juice fast. After about 2 weeks, not only did I lost 10lbs, but I felt my energy come back. You may want to take some vitamin D and B12 if you are really sluggish.

Start by eliminating dairy and all processed foods. Most people don't know that symptoms of dairy intolerance is fatigue. You also may be gluten intolerant. This will make you tired all the time for Sure. If you want more information you can email me at - I will be happy to help you for free and get you started.  

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