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I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, I have grand mal seizures, is there any vitamins, supplements, herbs, oils, teas, or special foods i could use to decrease my amount if seizures??

That's quite a shock, to discover you have such a condition - especially as it has quite an impact on your lifestyle.

Passionflower and skullcap are two western herbs that have been used to assist with epilepsy. There are also a number of dietary recommendations around, the most scientifically validated is to follow a ketogenic diet - this is used as a stand-alone treatment for epileptics - the only reason it is not routinely used is because it can be challenging to maintain, but a determined adult would not have such a struggle.

Marijuana with the THC removed is being used in some countries, such as Australia with good effect and the Epilepsy Foundation's website has some general information about the subject.

I wish you all the best.

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