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Hi, My daughter is 4, and has what is called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. It is similar to and/or related to irritable bowel. All tests she has done are normal and is being followed by a GI physician. She is also on a lowfodmap diet which restricts high fodmap foods, basically ones that are harder to digest. My question for you is if you know of any healing foods, or supplements or any thing holistic that could help. Any resources as far as books or authors would be appreciated. I heard peppermint oil was used, but do you know if safe in 4 year old, what amount or brand? My local stores has peppermint oil with fennel and ginger, not sure if that is the same. Thanks.

I would suggest you go to my web site and read some on there. Also give her probiotics and aloe juice. The probiotics can be bought in powdered form and mixed with food or in smoothies.  You can add aloe to the smoothies too.  Lots of fruits and veggies. Only water to drink. No milk or cheese. No,white flour products.  Give her slippery elm in powdered form mixed in water to drink. Sometimes things for kids has to be mixed with applesauce. My web site

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