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I had a heart attack 1 yr ago, due to 100% occlusion of LAD. My current ejection fraction is 39. I'm sensitive to all meds & supplements. We have finally found the right amount of beta blocker to stabilize my blood pressure, but I constanly feel miserable and can't do much walking without shaking and mildly fibrillating. My younger brother has high blood pressure and takes co Q10. He says he feels better and highly recommends it. Like most doctors, I'm sure my cardiologist will be against taking it. What are your thoughts? Might it be the right thing to make me feel better along with a slight boost in energy? Thanks for your time.

Hi Ed,
Results of studies of Coenzyme Q10 are mixed. Some studies showed the it may help cardiac contractility in congestive heart failure and it may improve ejection fraction. It certainly does not  do any harm to the heart.  I would say you could try it but do not expect miracles.
hank you for using Allexperts.
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