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Alternative Medicine/What oil reduces hair growth?


Hello Shashank

I have Gujarati friend in America that i was with last year. She told me that in her village in India new born baby girls are massaged with an oil which stops hair growth in the areas treated.

She tells me how the effects are evident from the members of the family who have had this done compared to those who have not.

She could not, however, name the oil or its origins.

I was hoping you would be able to help me out here.
Do you know what sort of oil this could be? Maybe you've heard of it, know someone that has had it done or have yourself had this particular oil massaged into your body?



Hi Sajid, Please wait. I do not know about any such oil. I have asked some of my Gujarati friends about it. They also were unaware of it.  However, they have assured me that they would ask from their village folks about it. But, I think that the chances of such an oil in practice is very bleak. Any way, I will shortly inform you whatever may the truth.
Shashank Shekhar

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