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Dr. Melamed, I had a major heart attack 1 yr ago. I am taking beta blockers, blood thinners and cholesterol medication. My heart has stabilized, but I always feel miserable. I would like to take Co Q10 supplements because my brother has used them for about 6 months, with great results. I dread approaching my cardiologist about taking CO Q10 because he, like every doctor I know, thinks alternate forms of medicine are shams. I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject. Thank you for your time.

Dear Ed
The main goal to your health now is improve recovering from heart attack. It means that some part of your heart muscle was damaded due to diminished blood supply; low microcirculation and it is repaced by scar tissue. You have to do a few things together;
1.   Decrease the progression of the atherosclerosis that narrows heart vessels
2.   Decrease possibility of the vessels spasms mostly bystres and nutritional deficiencies
3.   Restore the heart muscle contractions and heart functional capacity

Let me simplify what I would do in your situation.
o   Drink 8 cup of plain water
o   Decrease amount of the table salt
o   Forget about sugar, sodas, sweet juices, white flour and rice, pizza, pasta, red meat, alcohol, coffee
o   Use fatty fish, soft boiled eggs, quinoa and buckwheat, fresh vegetable blends, avocado, coconut oil, berries, apples, vegetable soups
o   Walk slow if you do not have palpitation, pain, shortness of breath
o   Avoid stress
o   Nutritional supplementation
Your question was regarding CoQ10. I am for it. 100 mg twice a day. The problem is to find CoQ10 that can be digested. Most cheap CoQ10 does not go to the system. I use a lot of vitamin B-5; pantothenat that are precursor of CoQ10 and your body can produce your own CoQ10.
You have to take lots of magnesium and potassium. I prefer Cellular Magnesium-Potassium supplement that move these minerals exactly inside the heart muscle cells.
Very good to use vitamin B-1 especially its form  Benfotiamine.
It will be beneficial to take vitamin C especially its form  Ester-C.
I woild take MSM 2000 mg (2 gr) three times a day y to decrease scaring and inflammation.

I have more ideas, but I do not have sufficient information about your condition. Therefore, do not take it as medical advice, consult with your PCP. I open to phone consultation, as well.
I wish you healthy life

Peter Melamed. PhD  

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