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I'm 43 and have had chronic daily headaches for as long as I can remember.  Tried acupuncture, chiropractor, neurologist, different medications, and I'm now looking at my diet to find a cure.  I was on the Anti headache diet (Dr. Furhman - eat to live# which is basically just salad #with little olive oil#, fruits, veg's, beans and oatmeal.  I pretty much ate only that for 2 mos.  Unfortunately nothing really changed for me.  I admit was supposed to give three months but could hardly stand to eat anymore salad.  I'm still staying away from many processed foods, meat, dairy and eggs.  My question is - that I thought during those 2 months my body would detoxify on it's own and possibly heal itself. Does it take longer than that to detoxify?? #Without going on a juicing diet or something# I was convinced that I had a build up of toxins #by product of animal protein# but now I'm thinking maybe not.  This diet was kind of my last resort - holistically.  My GP gave me a daily drug #anti-depressant) to take and I really don't want to but I'm so desperate . . .
thank you inadvance

Keep trying to detox. You may need a parasite cleanse. If you can firn an iridologist to look in your eyes do that. They can tell you. Colon cleansing can take along time for some.  I would also try bendonite clay and psyllium for detox. Sonnet no. 7 and 9 .  Take that several times a day. You can also try eft. Emotional freedom release. . Find that on utube.  Keep at it jayne

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