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QUESTION: Hi there,
I have a history of digestive problems which started 12 years ago when I took a course of prescribed antibiotics that completely changed my digestive system. I will not go into a great detail as you will likely send me to a professional. I have tried many without any sucess.
I have tried to restore my system with probiotics, anti-yeast treatments and various other herbs and supplements. My diet has had to change as everything I was eating before made me tired, itchy and unable to live comfortably. A change in diet worked. The major foods to avoid was sugar, fat and protein. I still have a bit of fat and enough protein in my diet but it bothers me less than consuming more of it. I survive on low starch vegetables in a light cheese sauce.
I have dealt with a lot of problems without prescription drugs that gave me problems even if I encountered problems that I could not solve with change of diet or herbs such as a bladder infection.
Anyway,I am currently perplexed. I was recently hit by a car - my body has recovered but my digestion has only become more sensitive. Even with my current diet of celery, zuchini, mushrooms, cauliflower in a non daily cheese sauce I am experiencing an anal itch and vaginal itch. I have had to exclude many other things including tomatoes, etc. as they were making the problem a lot worse. I tried many things and the only thing that has helped is applying a cayenne pepper cream to those areas to get rid of the itch. I am a generally active girl and cycle every day. but a few days ago I started experiencing a balance problem. it may be related to the pepper cream. Doctors will not help me and naturopaths are very expensive. please help if you can.

ANSWER: Hi Irina

Your condition is classical dysbiosis that started after course of the antibiotics. Two main things happen in your body: deficiency of the beneficial bacteria and consequent overgrowth of the opportunistic infection such as harmful bacteria, Candida-yeast, parasites, etc.
If we put in account that beneficial bacteria are responsive for digestion, metabolism, hormones, mood, immunity, and healthy environment inside the gastrointestinal tract, it is getting clear your poor digestion, chronic UTI, weakness. On the other hand, harmful invaders that take over GI tract lead to enormous toxicity, acidity, leaky gut, food sensitivity and many symptoms that are very far from intestines.

You tried to do right things. You mentioned diet, physical activity, herbs, supplements, probiotics. I agree with you, but for my patients I do everything together, plus colon hydrotherapy, drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water, high quality and large amount of the probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals (cellular magnesium-potassium).

I treated people with dysbiosis by decades, but I do not know something one that quickly changes your condition.
Start from diet. See how you tolerate coconut oil, chicken, fish, fish oil, eggs (egg yolk has to be liquid), garlic, onion, turmeric, seaweed. Try one thing in one time slowly. If I were you, I would take sublingual vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. Due to your chronic situation and very strict diet, you possible suffer from efficiency of the some fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, essential elements, amino acids, etc. For itchy places I use probiotic cream such as GY-Na.Tren.

I am not your doctor, I do not have enough information about, so do not consider my letter as a medical advice. I am sorry that you are “currently perplexed.” Your condition is treatable.
You can find more info that is useful, in my website. I wrote an EBook “about you”. It is called “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You.” I am also available for phone consultation.

I wish you a good health.
Peter Melamed, PhD

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for your reply - changing my diet at this point is very difficult. When I first got this problem I tried probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, lots of different herbs - I did a lot of reading and tried everything and gave up after a year or 2 and just adjusted my diet. I still have to take digestive herbs to eat without gas, bloating, etc, etc.but the itches that I currently experience are new and although the diet I have now provides the least itch it's getting worse and the pepper application is the only thing that works.  but it's the cayenne that is making me dizzy - must mean that my digestive organs are rejecting it - should I take a liver or pancreatic supplement like sylimarin, etc. to allow me to use the pepper. I really can't eat without it - the itch is unbelievable and the pepper really works.

Dear Irina

I really want to help you, but your situation is not easy. The simple advice take sylimarin or cayenne pepper will not address on the root of your problem.
Many web sites and some practitioners promise, “to kill Candida for good” or “irradicate it.” Sorry to say, but it is impossible. Candida-yeast is normal part of human intestinal flora and even if you use strong antibiotics or anti-fungal agents, you cannot irradiate it forever. With food, water and air we continuously obtain a lot of bacteria, yeast, and parasites.  

People can get better if they will restore the natural body’s mechanism to control the growth of these microorganisms. Remember that all kind of opportunistic infections can grow, if it has the opportunity to grow.

Start from the simple thing such as no sugar, no garbs diet. Take spices and herbs, for instance, chamomile, ginger, pao d’arco, garlic, onion, turmeric. Living and potent probiotics have to be critical part of the all anti yeast programs.Make your own sour craft and eat it with onion as many European do. Find good quality digestive enzymes. Expend your diet close to paleo diet. Your diet is deficient

I know is hard, but you have to believe in improvement. I see it ever day. Go to my articles, books, and website and get more information.

I wish you health and happiness.
Peter Melamed, PhD  

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