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I was able to clear up a lot of musculo-skeletal issues with my acupunctureist that my doctor could not.
I am wondering if you know of any therapies that might help with my digestive issues?
I am 55, no other health issues.
I suffer from a slow metabolism, although my TSH levels are good, and if I have to eat like a bird or I gain weight. Always been like this, gotten worse as I got older. The main issue for me is all the weight goes to my belly, and it is not so much weight as 'gas'. There is no weight gain. I don't drink any more alcohol than average, but on the occasions when I eat out and have a few drinks, my belly is so distended that for days I look like I am pregnant and have to let my belt out.
Both my doctor and acupuncturist think I eat and drink more than I say, which frustrates me. They say its just central obesity and gastritis,not IBS, diabetes, or anything else. I do have a family history of diabetes however, maybe that's why carbs and sugars bloat me up? I have been like this all my life  even as a skinny kid with a big belly.
I am thinking of seeing a new acupuncturist, one more sympathetic, or some other type of alternative health practitioner.
Your thoughts appreciated!

Hi Bud
That can be quite distressing - sometimes it seems as if food is really not your friend!.  It sounds like you might have either small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), or difficulty digesting and absorbing some naturally-occurring food-sugars.  What happens in either case is the bacteria in the gut ferment the carbs (sugars) and this is what bloats you.  Ideally to pin-point the issue, you need to get a gut breath test done.  I'm not sure where would be most convenient for you, but some clinics offer the kits by mail order.  
If this is not an option for you, then I suggest you investigate the FODMAP diet - this helps with a lot of such symptoms, but without testing you cannot be sure just what the culprit is!
Let me know how you get on.

All the best.
kind regards

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