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I was able to clear up a lot of musculo-skeletal issues with my acupunctureist, that my doctor and physical therapist could not, so I am a believer in alternative therapies. My digestive issues are a different story.
I suffer from a slow metabolism, although my TSH levels are good, and if I have to eat like a bird or I gain weight. The main issue for me is all the weight goes to my belly, and it is not so much weight as 'gas'. There is no weight gain. I don't drink any more alcohol than average, but on the occasions when I eat out and have a few drinks, my belly is so distended that for days I look like I am pregnant and have to let my belt out.
Both my doctor and acupuncturist think I eat and drink way more than I say, which frustrates me. They say its not IBS, just central obesity and gastritis. I do have a family history of diabetes, maybe that's why carbs and sugars bloat me up? I have been like this all my life however-even as a skinny kid with a big belly.
I am thinking of seeing a new acupuncturist, one more sympathetic, or some other type of alternative practitioner?
Your thoughts appreciated!

While acupuncture may be helpful, I think you should visit a Naturopath or Functional Medicine practitioner.  I have very good success with IBS using my program that involves some lab tests, diet changes, and a few supplements.  You can contact our office for a distance consult, or you can search for a specialist in your area.  is my clinic, or read some of my blog posts on this topic at

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