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Hello Dr Noah Edvalson,

I'd like to know if the neck and shoulder can benefit from another form of therapy other than massage and trigger point therapy as I have a terrible problem with my left shoulder and the neck on that side also.  Years ago I had a frozen shoulder and I also had either a tendon or a ligament tear so with massage it has slowly gotten better but whenever I am stressed the pain is so incredible it results in me getting a migraine or a migraine with aura.  I would really appreciate any help as the pain has been terrible. I've been able to deal with a lot of pain but just as soon as my muscles are relaxed something happens and my neck and shoulder are tightened and paining badly once again.  I've had Ulna nerve pain before which was excruciating but I did not go to hospital or take strong pain killers which was recommended.  Is there something else I can try please?  I would appreciate any recommendation you can give me.  Thank you for your kind assistance.
Kind Regards

If you had a tear (confirmed by MRI), then you will need more than massage.  If it is a partial tear, you can rehab through it with a good PT.  If there is a full tear, you may need to have an ortho consult.  If you want to speed up a partial tear, you should consider some regenerative injection therapies like <a title="Advanced Prolozone Injection Therapy" href="/index.php/99-therapies/prolozone-injections">Prolozone</a>, prolotherapy, or stem cell injections.  Since the pain is that significant, I suggest you have a team of a PT, chiropractor, orthopod.  This is a good recipe for success.  Find a good ortho that doesn't want to jump to surgery and get another opinion if they do.  

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