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Hi, thank u fOr taking the time to answer questions and assist people.  My issue is slightly embarrassing, for the past two months or so I have been having trouble with constipation and irregularity, my diet is lowfat and carb with an eemphasis on lean protein,  however I eat lots of vegetables. I have tried fiber supplements but they do not work at all. Any advice is appreciated. All the best

What supplements. I will tell you what to get. Dr Christopher's lower bowel formula.  You can find on amazon. Take 2 capsules before bed. Also you need fiber. 1-2tablespoons a day in water followed by another glass of water . Drink 6-8 glasses  of water a day. Eat salads with lots of greens apples combine raw with steamed veggies. Cut out white flour products completely and milk if you drink it. The pills are not habit forming but bring the muscle action of large intestine back to normal. You may need more than 2 but start with 2. Also train yourself to go the same time every day but just relaxing on the pot. Good luck Jayne  

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