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i have normally performed my blood tests(lipid profile)then outcomes
ALT-75,Cholesterol 235,triglyceride 464,other all are normal even i have tested hepatitis HBS AG simple and  through Elisa method but its negative.dr advised me ultrasound ultrasound report shows hepatomegaly fatty liver also kindly advised me medicine and treatments im very much worried thanks

Hi Fazal Hussain

I just started to read your question and understood that you ask very important question. You described the metabolic syndrome. This condition is pre-disease and includes some of the symptoms’ such as fat in the blood (high cholesterols, high triglycerides), fat in the digestive glands (fatty liver and fatty pancreas), possible high blood glucose (pre-diabetes) or uric acid (gout), high blood pressure. Millions people in the world suffer from this condition that in 8-10 years they finish with full-blown diabetes, heart attack, stroke, dementia, and such and such.
We do not have safe and effective medications for that. I forward you to Harvard Medical School health letter “When the liver gets fatty”

To save your life and health, you need to lose belly fat. How do we lose belly fat?
Diet and foods. No carbohydrates, especially sodas, sugar, candy. The worst combination is sugar and fats. In my book “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 2 there is information about food combining, healthy food preparation, diet for metabolic syndrome, etc.
No alcohol.
Taking liver protective food supplements that decrease fat deposits in the liver and pancreas.
Fatty Liver Kit
Good quality of the probiotics are very beneficial.

Educate yourself and be healthy
Peter Melamed, PhD

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