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i have normally performed my blood tests(lipid profile)then outcomes
ALT-75,Cholesterol 235,triglyceride 464,other all are normal even i have tested hepatitis HBS AG simple and  through Elisa method but its negative.dr advised me ultrasound ultrasound report shows hepatomegaly fatty liver also kindly advised me medicine and treatments im very much worried thanks

Hi, sorry to hear of your health troubles.  Two things I can suggest and also recommend you do some of your own research.  It is important we take responsibility (respond ability) for our health and wellness.

Read up on what foods/drinks may be contributing to a fatty liver.  Drink much 'clean' water as much as possible.  

Try and balance your stress levels as this will also affect your liver and other body systems.

Read up on what herbs you have available in your country that are helpful for liver function.  One we recommend here if you have available is milk thistle.

Hope this will help some.  Take care and I wish you and yours the best,  Suzanne

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