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1. Please tell me about your novel approach to weight loss. I have been trying to lose 10-15 pounds for over a year and now weigh 5 lbs MORE than when I started. I am obviously doing something wrong.

2. At age 71 a close friend is the healthiest person I know - except for recurring colds. He gets 4-5 of them a year. He takes excellent care of himself - washes his hands, eats right doesn't smoke, drinks alcohol moderately, exercises, all the things that are supposed to prevent colds and promote good health. This happens no matter what he does  and it doesn't appear to be anything in our home, since we moved 5 years ago (for other reasons - nothing to do with health).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Joanne,
I've lost weight by drinking a smoothie each day. I have a Nutribullet-the cheapest model. Here is my recipe:
Put in the cup 2 handsful of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/4 of a banana (optional) , some Green Leaf stevia, and most importantly 3/4 cup of fresh spinach you've bought in the grocery section in a bag. Fill up to fill line with spring water. Blend for 20 seconds and drink one or two per day . You will NOT taste the spinach if you use the right amount of blueberries!!! The cup is so small I really should be drinking two a day but I don't want to get sick of it.
It helps a lot if  you can walk on a treadmill for ten minutes each day and/or do yoga. Good luck.

***I'm sorry. I only see one question.***  

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I can answer questions regarding helping or curing various diseases and ailments as well as make suggestions on what not to do and give my opinion on what traditional medicine says on the subject given. I believe we need doctors for certain problems such as broken bones but I personally have rarely seen a doctor in over ten years. I take over ten supplements per day at age sixty-two. I will do my best to assist in anything from minor infections to major disease but will readily admit when I cannot offer someone any help. I have discovered a fairly novel approach to weightloss in which I have lost ten pounds.


I have been helping heal myself, friends and family for ten years and have studied alternative medicine for fifteen years beginning in approximately 1991.

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