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Hi Ronda and Happy New Year!
I am 56. No other health issues apart from the fact I have always suffered from a slow metabolism, inability to lose weight, I dont need much food and calories in general, and poor digestion, mostly gas and bloating.
My doctor says according to the tests my thyroid numbers are normal, and he is hesitant to subscribe medication.
Last week I started 'self medicating' with dessicated porcine thyroid.
Here is the link:

I am starting to feel better.  I am warm instead of being cold all the time, I am actually losing a little weight (combined with exercise and lower calories), I don't feel bloated, and my digestion and bowel movements are better.
My question is, do you think I am sub-clinical hypothyroid and the dessicated thyroid got me closer to normal?
I am hesitant to self medicate, but if I continue to improve, should I ask my doctor to put me on prescription dessicated thyroid, as my health plan covers it?

Thanks so much.

Hi Barry

First, self-medicating is seldom a good idea, even for experts in the field. If you really feel that you have sub-clinical hypothyroid, a second opinion from another doctor or an alternative health professional would be a better idea than self-medication, even with a "natural" treatment. I STRONGLY suggest stopping the desiccated thyroid unless and until it is recommended by a professional that has seen you in person. If you take the hormone unnecessarily, it could actually lull your own thyroid gland into making LESS thyroid hormone, drop you into true clinical hypothyroidism and trigger a downward spiral - ultimately causing more long term harm, no matter what short-term good it may seem to do now. Hopefully it isn't too late and you can stop this without having lost any of your own native thyroid function.

Thyroid is a hormone, no matter whether it is synthetic or from desiccated porcine (pork) sources. Hormones are powerful, and can have serious side effects and long term consequences even from natural sources, even at minuscule doses, even if they seem to help in the beginning - that gain can come at a price later. It's best to have hormones managed by a professional. I'm always suspect of the information from websites that sells the products they are talking about. After all, they would be the ones to benefit if taking it drops your own thyroid production, thereby making you dependent on their product, or so it seems.

There is no way to tell the real problem here without the very detailed kind of evaluation you would get with an in-person holistic health professional. That kind of detail is outside the scope of a general q&a service like allexperts. For this, a real dialog with a professional would be best.

There are other, safer, non-hormonal ways of addressing sluggish digestion, low energy, feelings of coldness, etc...especially the bloating. Have you tried cinnamon or ginger either in capsules or teas a few times a day? The potential for side effects is much less, and herbs like that are warming, stimulates digestion, and definitely help bloating. There are lots of herbs that are digestive and carminative like that. They can be used alone or in combination with green tea, garcinia or even green coffee which can help boost overall metabolism slightly. If subclinical low thyroid function really is the root cause, and your numbers don't warrant hormone replacement, there are non-hormonal alternatives like bladderwrack which supports thyroid function without direct thyroid replacement. Accupuncture might be of some use for systemic function too.

Since I don't know you well, it is impossible to say which one of these (or what combination of things) is best for you as an individual. Only an in-person evaluation can give you that level of a recommendation. Check with friends, look online, ask at spas...there are ways to find practitioners in your area.

Keep up the good work with diet and might be doing more of this than you would think

Best Wishes


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