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Hi Eric
I am 56. No other health issues apart from the fact I have always suffered from a slow metabolism, inability to lose weight, I dont need much food and calories in general, and poor digestion, mostly gas and bloating.
My doctor says according to the tests my thyroid numbers are normal, and he is hesitant to subscribe medication.
Last week I started 'self medicating' with dessicated porcine thyroid.
Here is the link:

I am starting to feel better.  I am warm instead of being cold all the time, I am actually losing a little weight (combined with exercise and lower calories), I don't feel bloated, and my digestion and bowel movements are better.
My question is, do you think I am sub-clinical hypothyroid and the dessicated thyroid got me closer to normal?
I am hesitant to self medicate, but if I continue to improve, should I ask my doctor to put me on prescription dessicated thyroid, as my health plan covers it?

Thanks so much.

Hi Barry,
I suggesst you have your thyroid function rechecked onsidering you self medicated. You want to make sure you are noy hypperthyroid now. once that result is in we can plan futher.
Thank you for using Allexperts
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm

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