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QUESTION: hi Four and a half years ago I noticed I would have a little swelling over my left eye (eye lid) and under my left eye after taking aleve. I get this also when I take ibuprophen or motrin. Some with Tylenol or aspirin. I found that I can take Jr. Tylenol chewables as long as I eat something first and drink lots of water. What do I do if I need it?! something to help with inflammation? I need to have a tooth implant done and I have arthritis in my back which I constantly stretch to keep in in control. I would love to take something sometimes after I do physical exertion, like play tennis... Can you help me with why this is happening and an alternative. I also found that my skin is allergic to neosporin...go figure! I itch and little bumps after 5 days or so. Should I go to an allergist? Can they help correct any of this. I find it kind of scary that this has happened to me, now that I am older, in case I badly need it after a surgery or something...Also scared to take anything anymore, afraid what it might do. thank you for your attention.

ANSWER: Hi Kathi,
An allergist is a good idea. When playing tennis, there may b a back brace you could use. You may get relief from a topical antinflammatory with less of an allegic reaction.
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QUESTION: Is there any substitution for aleve or ibuprophen, Do you know of others that have this allergic reaction? Just wondering what it is that I could be allergic to. Strange how it is an anti imflamatory and I swell ha doesn't make sense. Could it be the coating? I really cant wear a back brace when playing tennis.

Hi Kathi,
You need to see an allergist. But for the time being you should stay away from systemic anti-inflammatories. There is no substitution for them. You can talk to your  doctor  about substitute analgesics such as tramadol which may help with the pain. Also as I mentioned earlier consider topical analgesics.
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Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm

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