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Hi there, I have been experiencing digestive problems since I took a 2 week course or antibiotics 12 years ago. My problems have ranged from dysbiosis, food sensitivities, dermatitis caused by food allergies, bloating, excessive gas, fatigue, incontinence and other problems all stemming from my body's inability to properly digest. I am an active person and would like to remain active for as long as possible. I have moved to a vegetable diet, and removed foods that have given me noticeable problems such as animal proteins including fish, oils and most fats, most dairy, fruits and desserts - sugar is my biggest enemy. My diet consists of low starch, low sugar, alkaline vegetables. Vegetables such as tomatoes are very difficult and cause severe anal pruritis. the more complex the vegetable the more difficult it is to digest. Soy milk that I ferment myself - un-fermented fresh soy milk gives me a drunken feeling which led to a vertigo problem that I battled last summer.In the past I have used various herbal medicines including bitters and antibacterials, and supplements. As most prescription drugs always produced side effects that were more difficult to deal with then the problem I was fighting.
2 weeks ago I discovered that my dermatitis - blisters that were very itchy and popped out on my right foot after eating. I discovered that this was a result of my food sensitivities to foods containing sugar and surprisingly salt. I tried to exclude salt from my diet but could not do it for more than a week - in which I lost 5 lbs - all of my recipes include a little bit of salt. So I started using activated charcoal as no other natural herb or remedy was helping. it works and works well. I would like to continue using it for a long time as I have not found anything else, I have no side effects from using it and feel healthier and happier.
I have read that it should not be used for long periods. I do not have any medication that I rely on - can you please tell me what I should be concerned about using activated charcoal.

Yes two,things you should be taking . Probiotics,and digestive enzymes with Hcl. The Hcl digests proteins so make sure it is in the formula and the probiotics
S should be bought in a health food store as it must be refrigerated.  You should also take a Papaya enzymes in powdered form. I would take up to 12 or more of the enzymes. First 4 on an empty stomach and then 4 with each meals. Also take aloe juice 2-4 ounces a day. Make sure your bowels are moving everyday. If not take dr. Christopher's lower bowel formula 2 a day. Do these for several weeks and see if that doesn't turn things around. It should. Eat slowly and with no drinking during meals. Chew your food well. relax. Jayne

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