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dear jayne,
i'm 39 and for about a year i have a dime size lipoma on my jaw.
week ago it started to be tender and now the area around it is swollen, inflamed, red and painful. i have acupuncture treatment once a month and last time it was just when it started to get tender. the acupuncturist for the first time used 5 tiny needles around the lipoma and instructed me to leave it in for a couple of days. it just got worse.  fyi i came out of a flu (with high fever and cought) a few weeks ago.
i'm concerned and would like to know how to remedy the swelling and eventually the lipoma. does acupuncture have good results in healing fat tumors?
i believe there is emotional/spiritual reason behind every disease and wonder if you can help me to understand this issue so i can treat the cause. (i made a tough decision last year to separate from my husband who became verbally abusive to me. i'm still grieving, don't feel like a victim, though and try to be friendly with him.).
thank you for your time!

The body may be in response of protecting you and the rest of your body from harm. And yes it may be related to your past. Work on healing that and forgiving yourself. I would do a parasite cleanse and lots of garlic. At least 8  a day. At least. Eat just veggies for a few weeks juice if you have a juicer. Sometimes those things get worse before they get better. Take lecithin granules several tabl. A day.  and lots of enzymes for digestion. At least 8-10 a day. Let your food be your medicine. Look at my website   Jayne

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