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Good morning.My husband has been diagnose as having the above problem and almost every parts of his joints(elbows, fingers and feet) are harden because of the crystal substance due to high level if uric acid (latest reading 617).The gout flare seems to be attacking him almost every month and sometimes he felt severe pain on his neck which can made him bedridden for a week or more. The doctor just prescribe him with allupurinol and colchichie but seems to be no improvement.has been avoiding food with highly purines.I've tried nature remedy for such as celery juice.Please need your advice in term of medication and natural remedy/ herbs. Thanks. God bless

Hi Satiana,
Allopuriol a colchiine are the standard treatment for gout. If they are not adequte then sometimes non steroidal anti inflammatories or steroids are used to manage the pain. These have their own unpleasant side effects. Uloic is a newer mdication that workslike allopurinol but may be more beneficial in this case. Also probenecid can help the kidneys clear uric acid.
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