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Dear Leo

I have been having migraines every day since summer of last year. I never suffered from headaches before. They subsided when the whether got cooler, in October. Now that the warm weather is coming again, my head feels funny. At the moment, it is not painful, but it feels like my head is swelling up. It is a very odd feeling.
I went to the doctor and to the hospital, but they said it is headache tension, which is not the case. I told the doctor that I noticed it comes in hot weather and he said it might be caused by heat, but he wasn't sure. He gave me a medication for migraine and I took them for 3 months. I do not want to take medications this year as well. I want to cure the root of this problem.
Why has it started so suddenly and why does it come in warm weather? Could you suggest any herbal supplement and dietary changes, please?

Dear Tamara,
First of all you find the cause(s) of your headache or magraines. That isn't a easy task.
To help to eliminate headaches I give you some suggestions as stated on

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