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Can you please recommend dosage for IM Methylcobalamin for the purpose of increasing energy? I have had some issues with fatigue and headaches during the day. All my blood work has come back normal though. I have Methylcobalamin 1mg/mL and used to inject 1 mL, once a month in the past but didn't notice much difference. As far as I've read, this is a maintenance dose. Can you recommend anything?
Thank you.

Dear Angela

Headache and fatigue are symptoms and in a woman it can show hormonal problems, chemical sensitivity, Candida-yeast overgrowth, anemia and more.
Vitamin B-12; methylcobalamin is the most useful form. It is water-soluble vitamin; therefore, nobody described its toxicity. It is safe to take 1 mg s/c weekly four times and then two times a month couple of months. You have to know that B-12 compete with folic acid. I usually combine it with 800 mg of folic acid.
For increasing energy, it useful vitamins “B”, especially B-5, green tea, tyrosine.

I do not know your medical condition, so do not take it as a medical advice.
If you experience symptoms, I can give a good recommendation if you fill up the Biotherapy’s Patient Questionnaire and send it to me by email or fax.
After that, call to my office for a phone consultation. I help many with your situation.
Have good health.

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