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Hi Ronda
I have, among my various issues, emphysema, (caused by dust, not smoking).so I'll stick to that. As I can walk for miles then I assume my emphysema is not very advanced yet.

I have seen all sorts of "cures" from Sound Therapy to RIFE machines etc etc.

Any suggestions what might help?  Have you heard any positive  testimonials.  I have a RIFE machine but have not learned how to use it yet!  Likewise a SOTA Lightworks, and various other gadgets.
Sadly SOTA are not allowed to put any of their many testimonials on their site as the Gestapo FDA won't allow it.   

Any advice appreciated.  Thanks for your time.

Hi John

Your situation is a perfect example of a very, very common misunderstanding about natural, holistic & alternative health. It is also a very dangerous misunderstanding that leavea well- meaning folks open to the worst kinds of quackery and fraud. Please let me explain.

Modern, mainstream, scientific medicine is "allopathy"...meaning it takes specific symptoms and diagnosis and then counteracts them with specific treatments. Just because something is "natural" (like an herb) or non-pharmaceutical (like these gadgets) does NOT mean that it is holistic or is used in a holistic, natural way!

Stinging nettle is an example. If you use it to dry up the runny nose of a pollen allergy (counteract a specific symptom / diagnosis) then even though it is a natural unprocessed herb, it is still being used purely as an allopathic medicine.

On the other hand, holistic and true alternative medicine works from the standpoint of connected systems and overall functioning. An herbalist may suggest stinging nettle, but they will do so because of how it makes the whole immune system work more normally and because it can get to the root cause of the problem and help a whole VARIETY OF PROBLEMS at the same time in one fell swoop.

So the key in your question is the phrase "various issues"...not emphysema, and certainly not the quack machinery.

The very best recommendation I can give you is to find a real holistic practitioner and work with them in person, face to face, to find the root cause of all of your "various issues". You two can work together to improve your total overall functioning and help you to thrive in every possible way...THAT is your solution - not questionable machines that are actually working on an allopathic model even though they want you to think they are "alternative".

My suggestion would be to find a good doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who might be able to suggest a combination of diet, exercise, herbs, maybe accupuncture, maybe moxibustion...a comprehensive program that can help you on a wide-ranging and truly holistic level.

Good luck to you!


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