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Hi Eric.

A lot of info--hope I explain it well enough!

I am on two pretty low-dose prescription meds--Prevastatin 20mg once a day for cholesterol and Diltiazem 120mg once a day for blood pressure. Cholesterol at last check was 190 and my blood pressure has been super (117/77 on average). On the downside, my liver enzymes are high and my resting blood sugar was 122 I believe. I told my doc I only drink one or two drinks a day and he told me that it's not that which is causing my enzymes to be high, it's all the sweet crap I eat. I do have a sweet snack every night (try to make it at least a couple hours before bedtime) with my vitamins. I'm trying to cut down.

I also take the following daily:

1 Citrus Bioflavanoid (for ear-ringing I experienced last year)
1 Quercetin (for allergy relief)
4 Garden of Life Vitamin Code (50 & Wiser) Vitamins
1 NatureWise Ubiquinol with C0Q10
2 NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold 1000mg fish oil
2 VitaLife Blood Sugar Balance
2 Vita Breeze Pure Turmeric Cucumin C3 (an anti-flammatory)
2 Jarrow Milk Thistle
3 Himalaya Liver Care
I also take 2 tablespoons of whole Salba seed (NOT Salvia!) with my yogurt

I haven't gone back for testing yet so I'm eager to see if some of the herbs above had any effect on my blood sugar and liver. I do want to say that for a 6'1 185 lb soon-to-be 53 year old male, I feel great. I never feel any swings in my blood sugar and I always have tons of energy.

Since my cholesterol isn't sky-high, I recently started splitting my Prevastatin and halving the dosage. I will do this for about a month or two and when I go back for my test in October or November, I will see if it made my enzymes any lower. I will also try and not eat a lot of fried foods etc. as to not raise my cholesterol.

Any feedback on my supplement regime would be greatly appreciated, but the main reason I'm contacting you is to ask if there's any herbs that would help further reduce my cholesterol (other than the fish oil I'm taking) and not raise my enzymes so I can maybe one day stop taking the Prevastatin. It sucks because I've read many articles on how bad statins are for your long-term well being (muscles, liver, brain, etc) yet I've read other articles on how good statins are for you. Prevastatin is suppose to be a good one. I don't know what to think any more. Your opinion on this is very very appreciated as well.


Hi Ed,
I do not have a lot of information about your supplments and how they interact with each other or with your prescription medications. Omega-3 is the better known one for lowering cholesterol. It remains to be seen on your follow up test in October how they all affect your liver enzymes, cholesterol and blood sugar.
Thank you for using allexperts.
Eric Brandt, B. Sc. Pharm

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