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Dear sir,

I am a 29-yr old women who's constantly severely underweight, in spite of eating well. I was born underweight but lately it's been so difficult to even keep what I used to have. I did blood and stool tests and everything seems to be ok. However, I am not feeling well. I get tired easily, am am depressed at times and always very anxious. For some time I had insomnia. I went to psychologists and psychiatrists but they say they can't do anything for me.

I'm out of ideas. I need to gain some weight but there's nothing I can do better. All my bones are showing. Any idea what I could do about it? Maybe it's my thyroid, but no one could diagnose it... My metabolism is fast. I don't do sports because I feel very weak. I just walk and sometimes dance. Please let me know if there's anything I should try. Of course, I tried various diets... healthy, unhealthy, rich in protein, rich in carbs... to no avail.

Hi Lyn,
I recommend seeing a nutrition specialist, registered dietician, who would be skilled in weight management. I am not clear if you had your thyroid function tested. It is a simple blood test.
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