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My son accidentally used my toothbrush and I just had a cold sore come out.  He has a paediatric disorder (not relevant to you), which leaves me worried and desperately trying to minimize an outbreak.  I have given him 2g twice a day of Valtrex form1 day, which is often given at first sign of a cold sore in an effort to minimize lesions.  My question is this.....did I do this in vain since there is no sign of a cold sore yet?  Would it be beneficial to continue giving him Valtrex for a week (during incubation phase), maybe at a lower dose and then give him the higher dose again if he starts getting a cold sore?  Or would the best option have been to just wait until signs of a cold sore were present?  What would the best regime be to minimize outbreak for my son?

I can't find a dermatologist on this site.

Thank you,
Worried mama.

Hi, there
 I am in Alternative Medicine and am not qualified to respond to inquiries regarding pharmaceuticals. I don't know anything about Valtrex (I assume it's for cold sores). But no; I don't see anything wrong with what you've given him but the appearance of a cold sore is almost impossible to prevent. You can't know when one is going to appear since they actually start growing inside the gum. I would go to and put "Valtrex" in the search bar to read about side effects , if any. Then I would go to amazon or to the SilverSol webpage and buy a small tube of Silversol gel. It works on bacteria and viruses and cold sores are viruses. Try applying the gel 3 times a day on cold sores if they appear. Thank you.  

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