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Hi Peter,

I have been taking Betaine HCl recently for digestive problems (Thorne Research with 520mg betaine HCl and 20mg of pepsin per capsule). I have taken up to 7 at once, but usually no more than 5 and have cut down to one or two per meal now because I am not sure of the side effects.
I have a few questions about them.

1. My big concern is, could taking betaine HCl interfere with birth control, especially if I take the pill around the same time? Is it possible to lower stomach pH too much so that it would interfere with absorption of birth control (progestin/estrogen pills)?

2. Does betaine HCl actually provide HCl or is it just providing the chloride for your body?

3. Is there a concern with the pill getting stuck in your throat and the acid "burning through the esophagus?"

Thank you,

Dear Jasmine,

I like your question. I presume that you take good care of yourself.
Let me start by end.
You’re worried about the wrong thing. Birth control, hormonal peels are very convenient for life but are not healthy. Educate yourself. Go to or read about side effects of your drug during the extended period.

Betaine HCl is relatively saved nutritional supplement to normalize stomach acidity and entire digestion. It may have benefit for the proper digestion of the proteins, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, essential trace elements. You can take your dose without food, and if you do not feel the warming sensation in the stomach area, it is OK.
Any pills may stick in the throat: therefore, take them with meals. I have never heard of burning esophagus by Betaine HCl, as well.

I think that your BCP design for healthy women, so normal stomach acidity cannot influence on their activity.

Have good health.

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