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It seems whenever I get sick it starts with having a stuffed up runny nose, and then leads to a sore throat.  I end up having a persistent cough and the cough will remain for many weeks later even after the germs are gone.

A customer was coughing about 4 or 6 feet away from me and it sounded like she had a bad cough and germs.  I do not know if I can get her bug if I happen to be close to her and breathe in the germs.

Last Saturday my mom gave me tetracycline.  My symptoms were runny stuffed up nose and cough.  It seems the cough is getting a little better each day since I have been taking the tetracycline.  I have been coughing out at times yellow mucus.  It seems hot drinks help to bring it out of my system.  When I cough my chest does not hurt and I do not have a sore throat at the moment which is unusual but my mom says taking the tetracycline soon after getting the cold has helped me.
I am not a smoker and I have been tested for asthma and I do not have asthma.
A doctor has prescribed inhalers for me before which seem to have helped my cough but they may be only for people who have asthma and I do not have asthma as I was tested.

Years ago in my twenties I let a cough go too long, maybe 10 weeks and my brother and dad convinced me to go see a doctor.  My brother thinks I have damaged my lungs by the excessive coughing I had.

Is there a natural very strong remedy you recommend that will help to relieve my cough,  sore throat and get rid of the mucus & phlegm?

It seems every time I get sick I end up having a cough and chest infection.  A woman said it was bronchitis I had back in 2005.  When the germs, dirt inside my chest is gone, I end having a cough off and on for several more weeks.  Maybe 8 to 10 weeks later but does not interfere with my sleep. It seems the inhalers have helped but I do not have asthma.  Maybe this is a lung concern I have or the cough is allergy related.  I have never smoked in my life but feel I have a weaker than average immune system.  You may suggest I place a humidifier in my bedroom operating all night to also help with my cough.

Thank you for your help.

ANSWER:  HI, you may be allergic to dust or pets. Your immune systems seems low and off and on antibiotics will make it worse. you can develop a tolerance to antibiotics and end up in the hospital eventually. You should build up your immune system . Take 4000 IU of vitamin D3 everyday, and 1,000 mg of vitamin C. The antibiotic is the wrong substance in the first place. If you have a cold , antibiotics won't do anything at all to help you. I'd also take a teaspoon of Silverbiotics Silversol in the am and in the pm. It kills germs and viruses and you won't develop tolerance to silver. It will not make your skin turn blue either. You can't damage your lungs from coughing but you can get little tears in your throat's blood vessels from it. Don't sleep with a feather pillow. Wash your hands when in town and when you get home with hot water and soap. Do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes when in town. Mucinex is great at stopping coughs but it doesn't get to the CAUSE. Good luck, Suz ps and be sure to eat raw fruits daily. You can also put them in smoothies.

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Thank you for your wonderful advice, lots of great health information.  After about 5 days on the antibiotic my mom gave me, my cough was getting worse.  She gave me the push to go to emergency.  I saw a woman doctor that night and she suggested I get a chest x-ray.  She ended up giving me Apo-Clarithromycin XL 500mg to be taken with food.  Tetracycline was the wrong antibiotic and the doctor said I could of gotten really sick taken someone else's antibiotic.  The doctor's diagnosis upon seeing me was that I have acute bronchitis. I was coughing out a sticky substance that was pale yellow in color a few days before seeing the doctor.  She also prescribed Novo-Salbutamol HFA, 100mcg Bronchodilator for oral inhalation.

Why is it by taking the bronchodilator 1 to 2 puffs about every 4 hours has reduced my cough by about 65%?
Are there other solutions I can try to help calm down my cough at home?

It seems every time I take a hot shower and breathe the steam in I am not coughing.  You may suggest I run a humidifier in my bedroom to sleep at night.
For some reason when I am at the hospital I don't seem to be coughing much at all.  It may have to also do with the pure air quality that is being provided in the hospital.

My brother and mom think I have weak lungs because every time I seem to get sick I end up having bronchitis and it goes to my lungs.  You are right in saying coughing does not damage the lungs.  Also letting a cough go many years ago for so many weeks the doctor said does not increase my chances of getting bronchitis.  I can't have bad lungs as I was tested for asthma and do not have asthma and the recent chest  x ray would of shown if there was a problem with my lungs or if I have bad lungs.  I was never a smoker.  Still, it seems whenever I do get sick I end up having a persistent cough that is connected to having bronchitis.  Bronchitis is caused by one of many viruses.  The nurse said I could get the virus by breathing the germs in.  There was a customer who had a bad cough about  6 feet away from me and I would of likely breathed the germs in.  If I would of been wearing a mask, I likely would of been protected from the virus.

Thank you again Suz for your help.

Hi , I'm sorry but I don't know much about bronchodilators except I know they open up the tiny air sacs in the lungs which is where the "dilator" comes in. Try to cough phlegm up as much as possible.
 I wouldn't call the air in hospitals either sterile or safe. In fact, disease runs rampant in hospitals. You now seem to be doing the right things so keep on with proper antibiotics . You could try Mucinex DM as I mentioned before.
 Thank you, Suz

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