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Hi Suz

A lady Doctor diagnosed me with Acute bronchitis.  You are right when you mentioned before I have a low immune system.  You mentioned about the importance of taking Vitamin D3 everyday and vitamin C, Silverbiotics Silversol in am and pm, eating raw fruits daily.
At work there are people who never heard of Silverbiotics Silversol so I am glad you mentioned about it.  A girl at work  mentioned about honey and eating pickles.  I think eating green peppers may be better than eating pickles but I may be wrong.

Are there other foods, herbs or supplements I should try to fight off bronchitis and to strengthen my immune system?

A lady swears by garlic, raw honey and lemon juice and to pour boiling water in a cup to fight off bronchitis.  To drink this 3 times a day.  I have found this drink taste awful and I have to force myself to drink it but cannot finish.   I find it easier to have lemon juice and raw honey in mug with boiling water and stir.  I add raw garlic while cooking and eat it that way.

One person suggested cayenne pepper to fight bronchitis but my parents don't believe that cayenne pepper would be effective to fight off bronchitis.

I got off work at 6pm today and as I was near my apartment building I was coughing and coughing like I was trying to throw up but did not vomit.  A lot of white liquid came out of my mouth that I spit out.  This happened three or four times.  It is like my body is forcing this mucus out even though I have finished the antibiotic at least 10 days ago.

It seems every time I get a virus it goes to my lungs and I end up with bronchitis.  The cough seems to last for 8 to 10 weeks.  Maybe the cough lingering on for so long has to do more with an allergy as you mentioned.  I do not have any pets.  You may recommend I see an allergy specialist to get tested.

I purchased a Bionaire cool mist humidifier from Amazon for my bedroom when I sleep at night.  You may also recommend I move the humidifier to the kitchen/living room during the day  so I can breathe in moist air that will help with my coughing.  The good news is my cough is not getting worse and when I cough, my chest does not hurt.

Thank you again for your help.  This is very much appreciated.

Hi, you ask, "Are there other foods, herbs or supplements I should try to fight off bronchitis and to strengthen my immune system?" I"m so sorry but I think you're already doing many things right and if you're still worried you should contact another doctor, perhaps a specialist of some sort like an ear, nose and throat doctor . thanks, suz

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