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QUESTION: I recently had some blood work done and it shows that my ferritin levels are at 13. My doctor seems to think low ferritin is normal but I have terrible insomnia, weight gain, pusatile tinnitus, fatigue, some hair loss and I'm wondering if I'm right in suspecting that low ferritin could be causing these symptoms?

ANSWER: Dear James!

It's hard to say what reason is and what the consequence is. You have many symptoms of the hidden iron deficiency anemia. By my medical experience, we need to focus on your GI tract. Two things may happen.

1.    You do not digest Iron due to bad eating habits, alcohol, little amount of stomach acid, low amount, and quality of pancreatic juice, hiatal hernia, celiac disease and more.

2.    You lose the Iron trough the hidden bleeding (oozing) due to erosion or ulcer in the stomach,
Or duodenum, hemorrhoid, food allergy and food intolerance, Candida-yeast overgrowth and more.

I think, you need to verify why you have such symptoms and treat them accordingly.
If you believe in the alternative medicine and non-drug treatment, I can be beneficial to you.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed PhD
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QUESTION: Thank for the quick response. I think I do have digestive issues. I had a complete thyroidectomy about a decade ago and had to have radiation treatments (in the form of a pill) on 2 separate occasions. I've read that the radiation could have possibly decreased my stomach acid. I starting taking betaine hcl with pepsin on my own accord (for about 3 months now). I also took B12 and Folate supplements. My vitamin and mineral levels are at optimal levels now, well, except my ferritin levels. My symptoms have persisted and I think it is related to the ferritin. The problem with betaine hcl  is that sometimes I vomit when I take it and then eat a meal ( especially if the meal includes potatoes or sometimes dairy). Could I be taking it incorrectly or could I possibly have another problem like celiac disease?

Dear James!

Do not kill the messenger; I believe that you have to focus on the reasons for low ferritin. You gave me the additional clue for digestive disorder, possible low thyroid function. Some info you may find on our website
You write, “My vitamin and mineral levels are at optimal levels now.” Sorry, I cannot say it for myself, because it changes all the time and needs constant correction.

It will be unprofessional to give you advice without knowing your medical date, age, eating habits, lifestyle, medications, or supplements, work hazard, etc. I do not believe in the self-treatment, quick fix, or silver bullet, especially in your, multidisciplinary medical condition. Try to find the experienced holistic doctor in your area. I can increase your ferritin, but without the comprehensive view of your situation, it is just symptomatic treatment.

I wish you good health and happy life.

Peter Melamed PhD
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