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Hi Milan,

Is neem beneficial in helping with diabetes?
What is the best way of taking neem - capsules, tea from leaves, neem powder in water?
Are there any scientific studies on neem for diabetics?



Hi Usuff !

Regret delay in replying.

Neem definately works on Diabetic patients. There are hundreds of Food / Health supplements available based on Neem, being mnanufactured outside India. In India there are thousands of small , medium and large Manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines which use Neem as stand alone or in combination with other herbs for Diabetes.

My best suggestion is that you take advice of a Unani / Ayurvedic doctor who shall check your Life style and your body composition and then suggest which product / products when to be taken and how much for what period.

Depending on your how your body reacts with his/ her prescribed medicines/ supplements, the prescription shall change or be kept same and within few weeks it can come in control and within few months, can be totally under control or reversed.

All the best !


Milan Mehta  

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