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I don't know if this is in your field.i am 83 and always constipated.have moderate kidney impairmenttried lactulose ,prune juics some times works can I take anything that wont effect kidneys

Yes have you tried fiber. It's amazing. It comes Ina powdered for . You put in water and drink followed by another full glass of water. Would that hurt your kidneys?  All grocery stores and Walmart carry fiber.  Also eat more veggies and fruits, less dairy meat and breads stuff.  Jayne  

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I am an Herbalist,Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant,Touch for Health Practitioner Reiki Master and Teacher. I can answer questions about cleansing the body of toxins, herbal use , nutritional questions, and healing the body, mind and spirit.


I am in private practice. I was manager of a alternative healing center for 3 years. I lecture on herbs,iridology, and nutrition.

At the present time, none.

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