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thank you for expending your time and energy to help those of us seeking assistance.

i do not know if this would be within your preview, but i have been, sadly, perusing the internet looking for answers and frustrating myself with inconsistent and confusing information, if you would be so kind, maybe you will be willing to shed some light

four days ago, i had a sudden onset sharp pain in my right lower abdomen.groin area [right above the crease between your body and your leg] though this pain has been intensely painful and unremitting, i went about doing what i had to, all the while worrying that it could be something serious. i read about serious conditions but all of them had other symptoms, which fortunately, i did nor do not have.

sunday, after four intense days of pain, we were out working in the garden for about 3 hours, and all of a sudden, my right upper buttocks stated to hurt also. then for about the next 24 hours, it was in spasm. i read about the  piriformis muscle and i did the suggested exercises. when i went to bed sunday night, i was in intense pain in both places. i woke up in the middle of night after sleeping on the right side [where the pain is] and i was in spasm. as i said, i did the exercises again, by the way, again other than the two things i have told you, i have no other symptoms, no radiating pain, no weakness in leg, etc. thankfully, no other symptoms at all.

monday all day i had both the very low abdomen/groin pain and pain in the upper buttocks, both on the ride side. last night [monday] i woke up in intense pain from the above the crease groin area, and i have been sitting up for the last two hours and i feel a little better.

as an incidental finding, i have noticed in the past few years that after i sleep on my right side for a while, i will wake up and my side of my leg feels "numb" and like it is throbbing. i cannot explain it well, but it is uncomfortable , and i land up having to turn over to the left side.

ao, i would be so appreciative if you can share some of your thoughts...i can withstand the pain...i am just worried about its etiology. could these two things be related and could they be muscular.

thank you again for being there and willing to share your knowledge and expertise. i for one am very grateful to you.

This type of severe pain without a clear explanation/cause requires a further workup.  You should really consider having some imaging done and a proper examination to rule out any abdominal or pelvic causes.  If you are a female, this could include ovaries and uterus, or appendix/bowels.  Otherwise, hip joints and sacroiliac joints can present along this pattern.  It sounds like the two are connected, but pain in the groin is always concern for abdominal/pelvic origin.  As long as all of that is ruled out, then you can proceed to have a skilled chiropractor or physical therapist examine the muscles and joints of the area to find what is aggravated.  They would then be able to prescribe exercises and do therapies to help you overcome this severe pain.  

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