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My brother is suffering from Motor neuron disease from last 10 months.His Upper limbs have lost the muscular power and with exercise he is able to move them a bit.Only wrist is working.Also lower limbs are unable to hold his body weight properly and he walks with support of her wife.Not able to take step ahead of his own

Would need your expert comments on the above stated disease and will wait for your reply stating proper medication or ray of hope...

Jagdeep khanna

Dear Jagdeep,

Thank you for writing. Forgive the delay in response, your question took a while to get to me.

In regards to ALS, the first thing i would advise is good nutrition, and a good diet avoiding toxic foods. It would also be quite helpful to use a zapper on a daily basis.

The following is a natural liquid nutritional formula:

I would sincerely advise your brother start with this product. If you are in north america or europe it should be available to you. Begin with only 1 ounce, for the first 5 days, increase to 2 ounces for the next 5 days, and finally onto 3 ounces per day. An ounce 3 times per day, taken on an empty stomach. You will find ingredients and nutritional details on the website.

This is the zapper i would recommend:

General recommendations:

Cut out all soy products, soy causes thyroid degradation. Cut out pasteurized milk, take only certified organic or raw milk.

Cut out all artificial sweeteners: splenda, sucralose, aspartame, nutra sweet, equal, spoonful, saccharin, acesulfame potassium, sorbitol, cyclamate, alitame. These sweeteners are toxic.

Make sure you read labels on all products before you purchase. Make sure you avoid everything that says "sugar free" on it.

Cut out the use of microwaves, they lower haemoglobin levels, deteriorate immune functions and produce high numbers of radiolytic compounds in foods. Replace your microwave with a nuwave oven when you can.

Avoid all hydrogenated oils, avoid margarine, canola, rapeseed, and soybean oil.

Replace with butter, ghee, unrefined coconut oil, sesame oil, and virgin olive oil.  

7-10 glasses of water per day is a good idea to help flush out toxins from the body. Warm or room temperature water, never cold. Never drink tap water or distilled water. Remember, drink purified water only.

If you are using toothpaste that contain fluoride, please replace with a herbal toothpaste that is fluoride free.
If you have dental (mercury) amalgams---get them removed by a dentist who knows how to remove them.
Never agree to silver amalgams either, as they are 50% mercury. The dentist must provide a bio-agreeable material
as a filling.

Info on vaccines:

Please email me if you have any more questions.

With best wishes,

Imran R.

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