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Hello Imran R., I am a 49yr old male, who is in general good health. I do have a slight problem with blood pressure which my Dr. put me on Diltiazem CD 240mg & Triam/Hctz 37.5-25mg. I was told if I could lose about 30 lbs I would not need to take it. I eat healthy and take vitamins everyday along with Catclaw for a slight problem I had with my joints. My greatest problem is with lipomas. I had one small one on my back years ago, no problem, but it seemed when I a got into my mid 40s they begin to come up everywhere, my legs mainly in the thigh area, my arms, stomach and one under my chin. Lately I can see and feel smaller ones beginning to come up.I had thought about surgery especially the 2 on my thigh that are the size of a small egg, but they tell me they can come back. I need your help, is there any treatment you could recommend, I am willing to do anything to get rid of these things. Thanks

Dear George,

Thank you for your question, your email has now come through.

It is a good idea to lose weight, but the prescriptions seem unnecessary. A good nutritional supplement is what your body is lacking. Blood pressure will normalize itself once you begin taking in good nutrition. Cat's claw is a good idea, you can carry on with it.

Take this nutritional supplement in addition to the cat's claw:

Start with one ounce daily for the first 7 days. Then increase to 2 ounces. Take on an empty stomach 10 minutes before a meal.

We have a family friend who told us he took this product for a blood pressure problem that he had been suffering with for a long time. Recently his symptoms got worse and the prescriptions were not helping at all. He says within one night of taking 2 ounces of the nutritional product he felt a big difference. Within 3 days there were no symptoms left. I am not sure how this is possible, how the body is able to take this nutrition and heal itself this fast... but in his case at least this is what happened. He takes this product daily now as a preventative measure. So i would recommend you try it.

If you are taking tablet vitamins available at local stores, please stop, as these are all synthetic. They do more harm than good. The above nutritional product will cover your vitamin needs. (it contains natural vitamins)

For lipomas it is advisable to use this zapper:

Together with the nutritional product, the lipomas should reverse themselves. Please contact Ken at the above site for more info about using the zapper and let him know of the lipomas.

This protocol should do it for you.

Some dietary recommendations:

Cut out all soy products, soy causes thyroid degradation. Cut out pasteurized milk, take only certified organic or raw milk. Cut out all artificial sweeteners: splenda, sucralose, aspartame, nutra sweet, equal, spoonful, saccharin, acesulfame potassium, sorbitol, cyclamate, alitame.

Make sure you read labels on all products before you purchase; *make sure you avoid everything that says "sugar free" on it.

Cut out the use of microwaves---they lower haemoglobin levels, deteriorate immune functions and produce high numbers of radiolytic compounds in foods. Replace your microwave with a nuwave oven when funds allow.
Avoid all hydrogenated oils, avoid margarine, canola, rapeseed, and soybean oil.

Replace with butter, ghee, unrefined coconut oil, sesame oil, and virgin olive oil.  

7-10 glasses of water per day is a good idea to help flush out toxins from the body. Warm or room temperature water, never cold. Remember, drink purified water only.

If you are using toothpaste that contain fluoride, please replace with a herbal toothpaste that is fluoride free.
If you have dental (mercury) amalgams---get them removed by a dentist who knows how to remove them.
Never agree to silver amalgams either, as they are 50% mercury. The dentist must provide a bio-agreeable material
as a filling.

Read this about vaccines:

Let me know if you have any more questions.

With best wishes,


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