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Peter wrote at 2012-11-17 23:50:56
Gary !  You wrote:   She is a german scientist. This is not true. First she is dead. Second she was Canadian  scientist .

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I can answer general health questions coming from an Alternative Medical perspective, as well as some general questions regarding mainstream medicine or medical ailments. I cannot answer specific questions regarding traditional (mainstream) medicine, give specific diagnoses, or recommend cures or "quick fixes". I can only offer opinions in Traditional medicine since I have worked closely with doctors and pharmacists for many years, but my strength is in Alternative Medicine. I am not a doctor or medical professional.


I have a BS degree in Health and Physical Education, am a Certified Pharmacy Technician, and have worked in the Health Care Industry for the past 26 years. 20 yrs ago chronic health problems and doctor's inability to find answers to them prompted me to begin my own research into what was making me sick, and eventually that lead me to wanting to find answers to many of the chronic health problems of today. I have read many books and articles on a variety of subjects regarding alternative health philosophy, methods of diagnosis, and treatments. I am specifically well versed on the many ailments caused by candida yeast, and fungal related health issues. This is a very common problem in America today, and where my problems began many years ago, so that is where my research was focused. I have since branched out and have a more broad spectrum of knowledge regarding overall health.

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