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Sarah wrote at 2010-12-09 21:04:41
I would totally disagree with your answer Dr. Conner. This "hair pulling" is an ancient technique used all over Asia as a stress relief method. Most western doctors are quick to jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the patient that must be fixed. Just because western medicine isn't aware of this method doesn't mean it's an issue. Many acupuncturists overseas use this as well.  

JENNYSUE wrote at 2011-05-09 23:33:31
I have actually had this done it is not a disorder of this person but rather a method from Taiwan  it hurts while having it done but the results it complete relaxation.  great for migraine suffers. but you must have someone who knows how to do it correctly AND YES THE HAIR POPS.

Kim wrote at 2012-03-25 23:34:57
Actually it is not what you say Dr Conor.  It's an Inca homeopathic remedy. It's used for stress, migraine, and tension headaches. The popping releases endorphines. It's not habitual and many people and indigenous do it for years without ruining their hair or having any damage.  Once again this is cultural.  I'm studying to be a psychologist and understand this can be misconstrued as a mental disorder.  

Frank wrote at 2014-07-15 00:48:56
Dr Conner I don't think you understand the question. The popping noise that is described in the question is happening without any hairs being pulled out of their roots, or follicles in this case. The popping noise sounds like cracking knuckles. Reason why I know this, is because I can replicate popping sound myself and understand why this happens. Again no hair is being pulled out of its follicle.  

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