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JFArnold wrote at 2006-09-05 02:41:44
As a father of a child with autism I can state with ABSOLUTE certainty that Galaxy Wave Therapy is a loathsome scam unworthy of even cursory exploration.  

Richard Greene wrote at 2015-05-06 22:08:57
I never believed in healers until I went to an evening in which he explained how this start, and did some amazing healings. Now I've been a Reconnective Healer for close to eight years, and been witness to wonders of my own.

In Kim's letter, she states: "I would contact a couple of those people, talk to them on the phone if I could. For me, when I hear someone's voice, it helps me pick up on their energy and tell if I can trust them, can work with them, etc." This seems like an over speculation to me. Much how we communicate is through our body language and facial expressions. A stranger's voice communication, Reconnective Healing has been verified at Arizona State and other institutions. Humanity thought that the universe revolved around mother Earth for hundreds of years. Science long ago proved what the truth is.

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