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Magdalena Smith wrote at 2012-10-25 11:36:32
Hi there

I am mother of nearly 11 yrs old boy, who was perfectly healthy until mid August 2012 when I saw him on holidays in my mum's playing card game and having holiday fun " acting weird, like frozen for a up to 30 seconds- red in face, flickering eyes, holding his hands). Firstly I didn't think much of it, thought that he plays silly, but was thinking about that at the back of my mind and started wathing him closely. I did found out that it was start of his 1-4 per day of short absence seizures. Got him reffered to pediatrician,got EEG, but was doing plenty of reading and research on internet as the worst feeling is to be totally unable help your own child. I saw him as well having a few seizures where he is little bit "out" after, like not comprehending properly and talking nonsense for 2 minutes. So I came across of article from a doctor explaining that gluten free diet and Zinc supplement can reduce even stop seizures (in rats). So I have started 4 days ago my son on gluten free diet, his seizures reduced from 3 to 1 per day, and after I have added Zinc yesterday, it was his first seizure free day! Bad news: have to see doc. Monday because his EEG showing some changes...I am affraid that I will hear something I don't want to hear.

What really puzzles me how doctors just quickly label everyone who got seizures as "epileptic" without doing essential tests first, like blood count, checkinglevels of gaba amino acid, any hidden infections etc...  

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