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My pit bull gets this green junk in her left eye bad. It was only when the grass would get high. It looks like a green cover that comes up and then bunches up in the corner and dries up and looks like a big eye bugger. She acts like everything is fine. She still runs and plays fine. What could this be?

Hello Mike,

This could be as a result of getting irritants in her eye from the tall grass, or any of a number of things. My suggestions would be to keep the grasses cut down in the areas she spends her time, and to keep a bottle of a high quality 30 or 70 parts per million ionized Colloidal Silver around the house. When she gets the problem, put an eye dropper full of the C-Silver in her eye at least once a day until it clears up (which will be very quickly with C-Silver).

By the way, C-Silver is incredible for colds, flu, food poisioning and other stomach issues, etc. for people as well as animals. Everyone should have it around.

Try to find it locally at a health food store, but if you can't, go to my web site , we have it there.

Hope this helps.

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