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i have a 3 year old Wheaton terrier who threw up fresh blood today. she has a very sensitive stomach. she is a very stressed dog when anyone leaves the house. i did find a few pieces of rubber from a tennis ball in her vomit. she seems slightly lethargic her nose is cold and wet. she has refused to eat today. we give her quality dog food as we have had issues in the past very very sensitive.please advise me as what i can do for her. we have been to the vet in the past for other stomach issues and they just send us home with medication which does help, and large bills. would like some holistic advice. i also have a 5 year old German seaward who has a torn acl.i would prefer not to do surgery. any advice?

It is difficult to give you advise on your Wheatie because the issue could be very serious when a dog is throwing up blood. If she is still doing so today (I am sorry that it took so long to get back to you), by Monday, I would get her to a vet as a piece of the tennis ball could be causing a lot of damage. If she managed to throw up all of the pieces and the offending piece is now out of her stomach, by now, her system should be returning to normal, and just giving her a very bland diet possibly with some aloe juice or fresh aloe (the inside of the leaf, pulped in a blender) mixed in will probably get her the rest of the way.

For a more permanent solution to her stomach issues, I would put her on raw pumpkin (about 1-2 tablespoons) mixed in with her food, and a quality enzyme and probiotic formula like HerbSmith's formula. You should also download my FREE book, Simple Steps to a Healthy Pet at my website for as lot more information.

The stress when people leave the house is generally a conditioned response that is trained in inadvertently by owners when dogs are very young. it can be helped by Flower Essences, homeopathy or herbal formulas but it is also important to decondition the response by changing the human behaviors that conditioned it in the first place. I can explain and talk you through it if you would like to call me, but it is too lengthy to write it all down here. My number in the evening is 727-327-8769.

I bread Wheaties for many years by the way.

As for your other dog's ACL, if it is actually torn and not just pulled, surgery may be your only option, but in the meantime, I would put him on a quality raw food diet like BARF        ( ), OC Raw, Northwest Naturals, etc. A raw diet is essential to tissue healing and development and may get him quite a long way back. I would recommend it even if you have the surgery because of the healing and strengthening benefits.

I hope this helps.

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