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I took my cat to the vet on Monday 7/8 because she was licking herself quite a bit and she wasn't using her litter box.  She was diagnosed with a UTI and possibly an upper resp. infection because she was sneezing quite a bit a week or so before she went in for the UTI.  She was prescribed calavmox and amitriptyline (behavior Mod meds).  She was fine that night, but the next two days she was like a zombie, she wasn't eating and would only lay around was lethargic.  I became extremely concerned and discontinued use of the behavior modification meds because of the side effects of her lethargy and now she was again urinating in her litter box but was not leaving any solid stool-so she was constipated.  After I stopped giving her that medication she seemed like she was recovered, until I noticed that she seemed to be irritated again (licking) and now she will not eat.  I have tried her regular whole foods hard food, soft food, tuna (which she previously LOVED).  She will come and smell the food, but will not eat it. I am continuing the clavamox, but am wondering if I should take her to yet another vet, as I am unhappy with the vet that prescribed a behavior mod. and never mentioned it?  Is this normal for clavamox?  Should I just keep giving her the clavamox for 14 days since it's been at least 10 and she still seems to be irritated? I'm worried.

Dear Ericka,

I would suggest trying to find a holistic vet in your area. If you can't, there is a wonderful one that I refer my clients to named Dr Gerald Wessner who practices homeopathy and does phone consultations which are very effective. His number is 352-245-2025.

One point of information is that if she has an upper resp. infection, her "smelling the food" could be that she is trying to smell the food but can't. Cats are drawn to food by scent over everything else, and if she can't smell it, she won't eat it.

Not being a vet, I really can't tell you what is "normal" for clavamox. Sorry.

I, personally would find a holistic vet and start over. You might try doing a search on the net for one in your area, and there is also The American Holistic Veterinairy Association.

Hope this was of some assistance.

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