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My 10 yr. old black lab mixed dog ; just recently,  within the last month,  sporadically displays out of character behavior.  She insists on going out side, waiting at the doors, when taken out, she acts like she really doesn't where to go, or wants to go into the car, or seems to want to have a bowel movement, hides behind the furniture etc. When this happens we try and accommodate her. She will follow us around and it always connected with an increase of rapid breathing...we try and calm her by petting, massaging, reaffirming her.  Eventually she calms down...this behavior is at different times of the day, and it doe not happen every day.  we originally thought it was regarding her allergies that seem to be worse in August, and we gave her Benadryl one dose for two days and all that accomplished was her being sleepy, not changing her behavior  Taking her to the vet and getting some kind of diagnosis, is out of our financial situation at this any input you might have would be greatly be appreciated.  Do you think she has or is coming down with dementia, or could it be the beginning of a chronic disease, like diabetes...there has been no change on her eating or fluid habits, her sleep is normal . JUST THIS behavior is different. ... we have even considered that she is in some kind of pain, but she doesn't seem to be...there episodes only last a little while.   THANK YOU!

Hello Harry,

There are a lot of reasons for this type of behavioral change. I actually would prefer to talk to you by phone, one-on-one (no charge)so I can dialogue with you in more detail and possibly be able to give you a more narrowed down idea of what might be going on and possible natural remedies that might help. You can call me on my personal office number @ 727-327-8769.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Griffin

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