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Hi Susan,

I am writing today to try to get more natural relief for my 13 year old cat named Charlie. Charlie is pretty much allergic to everything, literally. He has been getting allergy shots every week for about 5 years. He has also been on steroids for longer than that. He also has severe asthma, which from what I am told is from inhalant allergies. He does moderately ok when taking steroids. Because I know how bad steroids can be and since he has been on them for so long, I am attempting to wean (and keep) him off the steroids. I ran into a natural product called amazapet from PetAlive that does seem to help with the asthma, plus I switched his cat litter which made a profound improvement with his asthma. However, he is still having itchy skin, with sores on his body from licking so much. He has totally been off the steroids now for about a month, however, with as bad as his allergies are doing without it I am fearing that he may need to go back on them. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do/give Charlie to help him with his allergies. I really do not want to put him back on steroids. I have tried cooking for him and feeding him fresh food, but he will not eat either of these.  

Thank you so much for the help,
Ricki and Charlie Jones

There are lots of things to say, but it's better to have you read my book, Simple Steps to a Healthy Pet. You can get it FREE by going to my site and filling in the pop-up form. You will be sent an e-mail with a free PDF attachment of the book. There is a lot of valuable information in it that will help you immensely with your buddy's issues.

I would look into homeopathic remedies as well, either by researching on-line or by finding a holistic vet who practices homeopathy. If you can't find one locally, I highly recommend setting up a phone consultation with Dr Gerald Wessner. He is awesome. His phone # is 352-245-2025 to set up a time.

I don't know what food you are feeding him right now, but if you haven't tried Indigo Moon from Solid Gold, give it a try. Very few cats don't love it, and it is an extremely high quality, hypo-allergenic food. Also, if you are using just dry or processed canned food, I would ad a good enzyme and pro-biotic supplement.

Raw honey is great for air borne allergies,but be sure to find one that is locally produced; within about 50 mile radius from where you live. The closer to home the better.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also good for allergies, but it is usually tough to get cats to take it. Homeopathy is tasteless and pretty easy to administer even to a cat.

That's about it. Hope this helps.


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