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smirk wrote at 2010-02-27 06:05:28
my mother also sleeps most of the day and night when shes awake it may be for 45min to an hour, usually less. im always surprised to see her awake when i visit (everyday). she becomes wide awake when theyre cleaning, dressing her or giving her medication..thats when iput my face in front of hers and when she focuses on my face she smiles. shes 81 and has had alzheimers at least 18years. they have to support her arms and legs with pillows when she sits in wheelchair and in bed. she is always taken to activities (i insist) eventhough she usually sleeps through them sometimes she does wake up. at first i thought her body clock was off but facility told me staff says shes always asleep at night when they go into room to change her. she has been in the sleep mode atleast 1yr. hope this helps

Jean wrote at 2014-09-14 05:25:14
I have a father who is at level 6. I am currently living with him and we go somewhere at least twice a day. I usually will ask him to tell me how to get to where we are going to see if he can give the correct answers. I don't believe he is capable of comprehending what he reads or hears because he cannot repeat a story and gets too confused.

I am currently working on a program which has been proven to reverse Alzheimer's in 90 days. Perhaps I can continue to post his progress here and if I get good results, others may want to try it for their loved ones. I am optimistic because those who are helping me with this have had complete success, despite doctors and others who state it cannot be cured or reversed. Why not try? Right? What do I or WE, have to lose?

So many times I have heard a doctor give a diagnosis and then later the exact opposite happened. I have come to believe that ANYTHING is possible and the doctors do not always have the proper last word on everything. I attend prevailing word church in lytle tx. I hope what I am doing will help my Dad and others also.

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Mary Gordon


Several years direct experience as caregiver for family member who died of end stage AD. Did lots of research and dealt with a lot of health care professionals and caregivers over the 7 years from diagnosis to the end. Used various care options from community based resources to increasing levels of institutional. Mother of three, two born during our loved one's decline, so I know what it is to be the ham in the sandwich, taking care of the older generation and the younger at the same time and trying to balance everyone`s needs. Ask me, I`ve probably been there, done that. We made lost of mistakes and learned everything the hard way - but you don`t have to! If I can`t answer your question, I`ll steer you to a place or person who can.


Currently a program manager for a large utility company. My Alzheimers experience comes from having the illness in our family. Out of necessity, we did a lot of research in order to understand the disease, plan for what might come next, and make the right decisions to help and support our loved one. Please note, I am a Canadian living in Toronto, and therefore am not the best person to ask about US regulations and insurance rules!

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