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Kevin G. wrote at 2013-01-28 19:42:40
Iím not a doctor just a family member/care giver. My Mom was in the total dementia stage when she passed away. Now my Dad has started the sleeping abnormalities after being diagnosed over 5 years ago.

My dad was always a light sleeper, and he was early to bed and early to rise, he worked hard. He entered his depression stage when Mom passed away and has never really come out of it. That is when he no longer wanted to work his garden which was he stress reliever for 50 years I know of. He was retired and liked to think of himself as a gentleman farmer, cows, pigs, loads of chickens, and 4 gardens a year. Now he sits watching the Game Show Network.

I noticed as his depress increased so did his sleeping, like if he was asleep and dreaming he wasnít in real life. He went from sleeping 8 and up for 16, to sleeping 16 and up 8. At 88 years old I figure he needs more sleep anyway. Then I noticed his sleeping problems, call them night terrors if you like. Calling out for people while sleeping at night and then awakening never knowing it.  Or wanting to go outside and help find Mom.

I thought about his twice a day drugs dropping to probably only a 6 hours span, especially the Namenda. Then he had cataract surgery, I would awaken him in the AM for the three times a day drops. I started giving him his pills while he got his drops and the night terrors went away.

Now if he wants to sleep more than 12 hours, he can nap in the chair. Now he gets his pills with about 12 a part and he sleeps better. No he sleeps too much, to sleep that long continuously, but if he takes his pills and wants to go back to sleep, thatís cool.

Two more things to remember always do Aricept at bedtime. Always! And due to the electrolyte change in the brain, Bananas are your best friend. Any high potassium food/drink that includes good sports drinks.

Like I said I am not a Doctor, just a son getting an education through personal observations that worked for me. Really itís just the road of hard knocks.

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Mary Gordon


Several years direct experience as caregiver for family member who died of end stage AD. Did lots of research and dealt with a lot of health care professionals and caregivers over the 7 years from diagnosis to the end. Used various care options from community based resources to increasing levels of institutional. Mother of three, two born during our loved one's decline, so I know what it is to be the ham in the sandwich, taking care of the older generation and the younger at the same time and trying to balance everyone`s needs. Ask me, I`ve probably been there, done that. We made lost of mistakes and learned everything the hard way - but you don`t have to! If I can`t answer your question, I`ll steer you to a place or person who can.


Currently a program manager for a large utility company. My Alzheimers experience comes from having the illness in our family. Out of necessity, we did a lot of research in order to understand the disease, plan for what might come next, and make the right decisions to help and support our loved one. Please note, I am a Canadian living in Toronto, and therefore am not the best person to ask about US regulations and insurance rules!

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