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Alzheimer`s Disease/How long can an Alzheimer's patient live without food


C.G. Richardson wrote at 2012-02-20 20:07:51

I am going through the same thing with my mother. I have been reading your answers and think you are awesome!  Your answers are knowledgable and comforting as well as gentle and kind.  Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your caring spirit!

God Bless,

C. G. Richardson

Anne Blake wrote at 2013-03-19 13:59:17
I am going through this withy father right now. He hasn't ate food for 11 days now and only takes a small sip of ensure a day. I pray every day for him to pass. It kills me to see him this way! He sits saying nothing and stares at the wall. He can't swallow unless I rub his throat. I am so grateful for you kind words as I know no one who has gone through this.  

Alzheimer`s Disease

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Mary Gordon


Several years direct experience as caregiver for family member who died of end stage AD. Did lots of research and dealt with a lot of health care professionals and caregivers over the 7 years from diagnosis to the end. Used various care options from community based resources to increasing levels of institutional. Mother of three, two born during our loved one's decline, so I know what it is to be the ham in the sandwich, taking care of the older generation and the younger at the same time and trying to balance everyone`s needs. Ask me, I`ve probably been there, done that. We made lost of mistakes and learned everything the hard way - but you don`t have to! If I can`t answer your question, I`ll steer you to a place or person who can.


Currently a program manager for a large utility company. My Alzheimers experience comes from having the illness in our family. Out of necessity, we did a lot of research in order to understand the disease, plan for what might come next, and make the right decisions to help and support our loved one. Please note, I am a Canadian living in Toronto, and therefore am not the best person to ask about US regulations and insurance rules!

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