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Alzheimer`s Disease/Can morphine cause dementia


Paula wrote at 2013-07-17 23:42:15
My father in law had 2 knee replacements and had morphine for pain relief.  He escaped from the hospital (straight after surgery) as he thought people were trying to get him.  Ever since then he has been on a slow decline and now has fully fledged dementia.  I really think the morphine played a part.

tbn1954 wrote at 2013-11-19 21:22:31
Hi, A dear friend was admitted to the hospital after a fall that fractured her pelvis and given morphine.  She was released into a rehab facility a week later and medicated with percocet (sp?) for a week before I learned of her situation and went to visit.  She is mostly out of it.  Seeing her dead parents and brother, talking of having done things during the day when she has not left her room and while recognizing me not remembering my name or my childrens.

She is also paranoid, thinks everyone is trying to steal her money and that some of her dearest friends want her killed.

Before the fall she was sometimes forgetful, but not suffering from dementia.  Could it be the drugs?

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